About Us

One vacation after another we searched—looking for something to bring home beyond the snow globes, spoons, or magnetic states. To start of a collection of vacation memories, we would be proud to display in our home. Something fun, we could put on the walls of our screened porch where we liked to host family and friends.  

Like most start-up companies, when we couldn't find what we wanted, we just started making them ourselves. Like passbook stamps on our wall, it all started with signs designed around Vintage Travel Posters (Travelsigns). The retro artwork of bright colors and large images jumped off our walls. We soon found ourselves designing them well before our vacations, even choosing destinations around them.

As the Travelsigns began telling the story of who we were and what we did; it started reaching beyond vacations.  As displaced Chicago Cubs and Bears fans, we developed the distance signs to our favorite stadiums.  Realistic as possible to an actual DOT street sign, our Wrigley Field and Soldier Field signs shared where we came from; and became a huge hit with friends.   

We continue to branch out making high quality unique, and personalized signs ultimately still for our screened porch.  But we certainly can't take all of the credit.  Our best creativity comes from our friends and customers, majority of which our designs come from.  In the end, Travelsigns is really about telling a story.  A collage of signs of your life; where you have been, where you come from, who you are with; but ultimately who you are.

Like the cafe T-shirts of the 80's, TravelSigns is ultimately based on the principle that most people want to brag about where they have been, or where they come from.  Hard earned vacations are a deserved break from everyday life, remembering them should not be left to a cookie cutter souvenir. Each one is unique and far too valuable. Hopefully, like us, you'll begin building a collage of your own life's story using TravelSigns.

They became great gifts for family and friends, and it was fun to see the uniqueness of each sign emerge as we added our details.

Want to get in touch? You can reach out to our team here to share new sign ideas, ask questions, or give feedback! Contact us here or reach us at (773) 217-0064!