Personalization Tips

Follow these handy tips to get the best results

TravelSigns ares fully customizable, so exactly what you write is what we print. With this in mind, careful time should be spent proofing text for spelling, puctuation, and grammar mistakes.


There can be multiple ways to spell the same name (Carrie, Kerry, Cary ect...). A small difference to some, unless you were Cari on your 21st Birthday and this TravelSign is given to you as a gift. Also, one misplaced letter can completely change the meaning of a word; for example, Billy's First Duck Hunt (enough said). For these reasons, the only available spellchecker is the author of the sign. Again, exactly what you right (write) is what we print.


We receive many questions on where to place the apostrophe on names that end with the letter "S".

If the name applies to an individual...

and does not end with the letter S. You should use apostrophe (')S such as Caitlin's 21st Birthday.

and ends with the letter S. You may use either apostrophe (')S such as Jess's First Turkey Hunt or just the apostrophe such as Jess' First Turkey Hunt. In other words, to form the possessive of a singular proper noun ending in S, you may add apostrophe (')S or add only an apostrophe.

If the name applies to a group of people...

and does not end with the letter S. You should use apostrophe (') S such as Johnson's Family Vacation.

and ends with the letter S. You just add the apostrophe to the end such as Saunders' Family Reunion. In other words if a plural noun ends in S, add an apostrophe after the S(').

Otherwise, it is your sign, put the "S" wherever you like.


Proper grammar is important in some instances, but here it is truly subjective to the audience that reads your TravelSign. It can not be known what is slang; because Y'all can write whatever you wish. For these resons, we can not assume that your grammar is incorrect (or correct for that matter). Again, exactly what you written (write) is what we gonna (we are going to) print.

Additional Words of Wisdom

  1. Simple is Better! It is advised to write nothing more than you would wear on a T-shirt. Also, the more text that is written, the less your TravelSign may look like the original.
  2. Due to the many different fonts we use in our designs, we may not be able to reproduce all characters and symbols. Please use only characters available on an US English keyboard.
  3. Try to observe the Recommended Maximum Characters as noted. This keeps the font size of your text best compatible with the sign. When counting the number of characters, please consider spacing and punctuation in the total count.
  4. Check each personalized TravelSign for any additional instruction


Use of Trademarks / Copyright Material

TravelSigns, Inc. is not affiliated with or endorsed by any third party whose company name or location may appear on this website or any TravelSigns, Inc. product.  None of the distance signs advertised by or made by TravelSigns, Inc. are "official" university or team memorabilia; and TravelSigns, Inc. produces its distance signs for informational purposes only.

TravelSigns, Inc. cannot create signs that contain third party logos or copyrighted images, graphics or photos, or the names, likeness or image of individuals without express written permission from the owner of such content.  TravelSigns reserves the right to refuse any order if it believes such product will violate the rights of a third party.

By placing an order with TravelSigns, Inc., you represent and warrant that you own, or have permission from the owner for, the content contained in your custom sign; or that the content falls within a fair use exception of U.S. copyright, trademark law or state privacy/right of publicity laws.  You further agree to indemnity, defend and hold TravelSigns, Inc. harmless from any claim made against TravelSigns, Inc. arising from your breach of the above representation and warranty.